Day 12: Happy Anniversary Gary Vee

If I could send a message to Gary Vaynerchuk today, it would be as follows below. The anniversary reference is in jest, however, the sentiment and thought behind this is 100% true. I owe a lot to Gary and his content. Here is my letter to Gary….

Dear Gary,

Happy 1st Anniversary! One year ago today, my husband sat me down in front of his mac that had one of your videos playing on YouTube. I had heard of you, however, as you so openly admit, I caught you at the wrong time and you never clicked for me. Sorry…so embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t “guruship” at first sight. It took a few straight hours of devouring your content before that happened. Stay with me. I promise there is a happy ending!

I was skeptical, however, Anthony was adamant and excited by your videos and what you had to say. I had noticed a MASSIVE change in him and I was curious to know more. If someone got Anthony that excited, I would listen. Anthony was not at all a motivational video guy, so this surprised me. I was beyond curious who and what had changed him so dramatically. So I listened. I listened and listened and your message started to excite me. I devoured your wisdom and I quickly started to change. In a World of self-help gurus, that tell everyone what they want to hear, in order to sell their wares…you were an absolute breath of fresh air. Those hours on January 12, 2017th turned into days and those days turned into months of taking in your content. I was changed forever and I was on fire.

I wrote a complete post here on my new blog that I started over Christmas holidays. It summarizes 2018, my year of massive action, and talks about how you have completely changed my life. You can read that post here. This life changing year is all because of you Gary. Thank you!

In case you are wondering why my blog is only just started….I have been so busy with work hustle, and launching my audio and video show “The Impact Farming Show” that I am only now starting my personal blog. I have a whole other post about my inspiration and goals for my blog. You can find that here. My goals for this blog, in short, are for it to; mirror my social media accounts, to house my personal brand, and most importantly, to document my amazing life. I am loving this blogging. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing life so why wouldn’t I want to document it for no other reason except to show my gratitude?

This has been one of the most phenomenal years of my life and I owe it all to your content. Thank you, Gary! It is for this reason that I am celebrating my anniversary with you. Yes, my husband knows. I proudly announced that it was me and Gary’s anniversary today. He laughed. I have joked like this numerous times this year because you have had such an amazing impact on my life. Don’t worry, he doesn’t care, you have completely changed his life as well. If he could write you an anniversary post, he would!

It was SO great meeting you this spring at the Haste & Hustle conference in Toronto. You signed my book, took a selfie with me and kindly listened to my questions and concerns about the effects that programmatic advertising is having on digital media publishers. One of my media platforms has been hit hard. You mentioned that you were starting Vayner Mentor for this reason but it wouldn’t be cheap. I said that I don’t care, as this was my livelihood. I was so pumped to go. I am very embarrassed to admit, that I didn’t think it was going to be that much. I thought more around 4D’s cost. Regardless, my apologies. My business was hit hard in 2017 due to bad staffing choices and changing advertising trend, so I had to tighten up the purse strings and invest those dollars in other areas. I will make it to 4D’s one day! I will!

This time last year, I was buzzing with the excitement of having found your no-nonsense, practical, truthful and life-changing content that morning. Today, one year later, I am buzzing with the excitement from the impact that my 2018 hustle has created. The show that I created is having such an IMPACT Gary. It’s amazing! More importantly, I am so excited about the future!

Again, as explained in that post that I linked to earlier, I was no slouch before. I was just about “there” in my game. You just got my head where it needed to be as a digital publisher in the year 2018. I needed your message. You got me to #youdoyou and not feel guilty or broken for my absolute passion and obsession with work! For not being like other “women.” 80% of the time I didn’t care about that, however, that 20% was a ball and chain holding me back. My first Gary Vee meme I that framed and put up in my house was “There’s nothing like the beginning of building a fucking monster.” That was how I felt one year ago today.

I know you hear this over and over, and are likely immuned to it already, however, THANK YOU from the bottom of my eternally grateful heart! You have changed my life more than you will ever know!

If there is ever a way that I can repay you, please let me know!

From Your Biggest Fan,

Tracy Brunet