Day 17: Vicious Cycle

Have you ever been caught in what seems like a vicious cycle?

For example, you are frustrated about something like a shortage of team members in your company. Then you start thinking of all the shortages, shortcomings, frustrations and missed opportunities in your business . The problem keeps getting bigger and bigger until it seems like the sky is falling. Ever had that happen? Welcome to the small business World.

I would be lying if I said that I never feel that way and lying is something I don’t have much patience with. Honesty is one of my most valued traits, so I confess, that today was definately one of those days. Frustations kept knocking on my door today! Argh!

I know, truly KNOW, that the best medicine is walk away, apply gratitude and reappear refreshed. Only thing is, I couldn’t manage either! I had to get stuff done.

Now it’s 7:46 and I am still stewing a bit tonight. Very frustrated with various employee related concerns. Anyways, can’t chat now. Must run!

Your frustrated boss friend,