Day 21: Something About The Open Road

There is just something about hitting the open road. Whether business or personal, I absolutely adore road trips. I feel the most free, adventurous and creative in my truck driving down the highway. Add in some Vega and podcasts and you have the recipe for massive soul searching and/or business innovation. In case you are wondering, I listened to some Rachel Hollis (Rise Podcast) and Jenna Kucher (The Goal Digger Podcast). I ? these two gals!

I arrived at my hotel in Minnedosa around 5:00 pm. It’s Ag Days this week. Brandon was all sold out, however, U really don’t care. Discovered some gorgeous countryside, a great motel, friendly people, good eats and some great finds at the local bargain store. Trip made already!

It’s going to be a great week at Ag Days!

Your km clocking friend,