Day 26: Schedule Your Priorities

Honestly, I completely understand why humans cannot get to the things they want to do in life. You need to prioritize them or it won’t happen.

I learned this years ago with exercising. If I left it till evening, I would be drained, and the battle fought to get exercising was not often won. I was done…exhausted. My motivation and will power was used up for the day. Now add in super duper convincing self talk that could sell ice to an eskimo….I couldn’t stand a chance.

I now exercise EVERY morning. No excuses. It’s long part of my daily habits like brushing my teeth, eating breakfast and getting dressed for work. Scheduled and achieved. It’s non negotiable.

Now, what would you know. I leave my blogging till late and I am starting to slip. I am tired and the excitement of the new activity is starting to wear off. It’s day 26, not new and exciting anymore, and now even starting to feel like a chore. It’s also 8:30 and I am tired, not creative and easily susceptible to that little voice that piped up yonight saying “skip a night, no one with notice.”

The problem is that I completely forgot to blog Friday after getting home from Brandon and caught up with an extra post Saturday. I got away with it and now my negative self talk will try to convince me that I can do it again with strong rational like “you are tired” or “who cares, we can make it up tomorrow and no one will know.”

The truth though…I will know and that is all that matters. I keep my word for myself, and no one else, because I know that this is how habits are made and this is how I have absolute confidence in my abilities. I trust myself and know that I will not let myself down and that is all that matters.

So now that I am spotting the signs with my blogging, I realize that I need to prioritize this. Doing this as thd last thing in the evening is not working out. Stay tuned, more to come on the making of this new daily blogging habit.

Your military strict friend,


Question – How do you keep yourself on track and accountable in your daily habits? I would love to hear your techniques in the comments below.