Day 33: Farmer Date

Today was the big day off the ranch, well more for Anthony really, as I am always off the ranch and making tracks. That being said this was likely our first date since this same date last year!

Today was our date to go check our bulls at The Douglas Bull Test Station. Yes, romantic I know ? We left at 9:30 and swung into McDonalds before hitting the road on the 2.5 hour drive there. For those of you from Manitoba, Doyglas is just East of Brandon on the #1 highway!

We made it to Douglas in good time and spent about an hour or so walking through the pens. This year we have nine bulls there and last year we had three. They seem to be doing well and it’s so neat to be seeing our absolute genetics in action. Pretty proud to say that we have some good looking bulls with some good epd’s. We will know more once they are ultra sounded coming up soon.

After taking pictures we hit the road back to Winnipeg and stopped at our favourite restaurant. Guess? The Keg of course, and for anyone that knows me, they know that I had sirloin oscar medium rare with a side of asparagus rather than potato. Anthony had steak and crab. For appetizers we had our favourites which are calamari and Mushrooms Neptune. Yes, we absolutely splurge the couple times are year that we normally get out!

I loved seeing our animals and dining out at our favourite place to eat. More than that, I loved the uninterrupted time together with Anthony doing something I love doing….driving! Being with Anthony in my truck is my favourite thing to do. It’s quality time uninterrupted, well almost, if it wasn’t for Twitter. Anthony not me. I love to drive so I usually volunteer to do all the driving.

Jokes aside, it’s my favourite time because we get to catch up without home or farm distractions. The new sights and countryside stir up my creative juices and get me in a talkative. We often end up talking, dreaming and having the best discussions about our plans for growing the farm. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these days.

Here are a few pictures from the day and I included one from Douglas so you can see what it is all about!

This is what a farmer date looks like and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Correction, I would have it this way…..more often ?.

Your Bull Inspecting Friend,