Day 52: Why Do I Blog?

For the most part, I have kept my posts pretty safe. Safe for a variety of reasons. First off, because safe is safe. If you don’t open up and share, no one knows and you cannot be judged. Second, I realize that even though I am not actively advertising my blog, people are finding it and starting to read. This means that I could have family, friends and my team members reading these words. Before I write I carefully think through whether or not I am ok to share. If it makes it to these pages, I am ok sharing it. I don’t share anything about anyone else on here. Just me and my journey. This stuff lights me up!

Am I really ok sharing this stuff? Yes, I am more than happy to laugh at myself, own my mistakes and admit where I fell short in life. I have big little shoulders. If you know me on a day to day basis, anything said on this blog would be something that I am ok with discussing in person. Even though others might not be comfortable talking or even putting x into words, I share because I know that everyone thinks the same and acts similar. Aside from personalities types and minor personal characteristics, we are all human and pretty much the same at the core. I know this because I have done so much learning. I didn’t know this and many still do not. I use to think that I was the only one that thought or felt a certain way and that is so far from the truth.

If I can speak about some of those uncomfortable subjects; ego, control, perception, positive thinking, projection etc maybe that frees others up to do the same and maybe it gives them a tidbit of knowledge to start themselves down their own self-discovery path. I am absolutely no Albert Alstein, and would never claim so, however, I have spent soooooo much time learning, implementing and testing this knowledge. I know all the ideas that I talk about can change your life. They changed mine. Tried, tested and true is the laboratory of Tracy’s body and mind. Again, everyone is different, however, I hope to share those nuggets that have changed my life so that others can benefit. Take it or leave it.

I blog for a variety of reasons. First off, I find it therapeutic…a 2019 version of writing in a journal. Second, it really helps me articulate my thoughts. Third, my life is amazing and my memory is human, I want to document each and each day so it’s captured. Memories, even significant ones tend to fade fast. The day to day tends to slip away quickly and is quickly forgotten. Third, I love reading and writing and love to share my findings with others. Very few people have the interest to read the number of books that I have, so I hope to read, learn, share and categorize so that if someone is having problems with x, they can read my blogs and/or resources pages and find the short list of the best books to help with x. See the problem is, you often need to read a lot of books just to get that one that hits home on a certain subject. I hope that I can take the research out of it and provide my readers with a short cut to success. At the end of the day, whether work or personally, I really just want to help people succeed in life.

So if you ever wonder, why I blog…those are my reasons. I know I posted about this way back, however, I wanted to touch on it again today.

Your blogging friend,