Day 60: Missed Opportunity

Goodness gracious. The initial excitement of blogging daily has completely vanished and now I am left with one more thing to do. Excitement gone. No external feedback and busy schedule…this new habit is slipping big time.

This is where the rubber meets the road and most people begin the fail. They quit because it’s becoming “hard” and they are not getting anywhere. Good thing I know better. Good thing I realize that it takes an incredible amount of work x 10 before you see the results. Because of that, and my strong discipline, I will push onwards because this is worth doing and aligns with my end goals.

I will continue on, but before pushing ahead blindly, I need to once again realize that this is not working. Leaving till the very end of my day means that I am out of energy and it often gets forgotten. What am I going to change here?

Your Habit Assessing Friend,


p.s. What good habit are you creating that will take you one step closer to creating your dreams?