Day 85: Work Travel

#TuesdayThoughts Do you love what you do? I absolutely, hands down, love what I do. One of the things that I love most about what I do is business travel. As our business has grown, I have been on the road more and more with each passing year. 2019 has 12 weeks of travel booked in.

Whether it’s advertising meetings with agriculture companies and/or their agency, meeting with agents looking to advertise or attending one of the many industry events…I continue to find business travel one of the most rewarding and enriching life experiences out there.

Why? Glad you asked ? I love travel because of the; new places you see, people you meet, things you learn, and the experiences that have fundamentally change me as a person. It gets me out of the box that I live in. I experience new cultures, ways of doing things and new opinions.

Literally, the second the airplane lifts off the runway, my mind opens up to the World of limitless opportunities that life has to offer. I can hardly put into words the impact that it has had on me personally and professionally. Travel is life changing ❤️??

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