Day 88: Chicken Soup for My Mind

As a business owner x 2, sometimes the unknowns and daily concerns can catch up with you. What if this or what if that? What’s happening in ag policy now and how is that going to affect our farm and our media business that provides advertising for agriculture companies looking to place their products and services in front of Canadian farmers.

On the media publishing side, if farmers are hurting they buy less of everything and that means less income for companies and this usually leads to smaller advertising budgets. Argh. It’s frustrating.

Tonight I am finding I just need a little mental conditioning and this is the one book that soothes my soul, mind and worries all at once. I have favourite chapters, however, today I decided that I was going to read this cover to cover. I need a good mental cleanse. Get some great material in and push away the sub par thoughrs.

Being in business is great, however, it’s not for the faint of heart at all. Tonight, I find thus brave hearted gal needs a little comfort in the form of a self help classic. The Power of Positive Thinking is the first self help book that I read way back in grade 11. This worn cover and yellowed page classic has got me through many worrisome and trying times.

I just picked it up for my evening read, and sure enough, two glorious lines in and I am already feeling the therapeutic effects this book always has on me. Anyways, I am off to get some “chicken noodle soup” for my mind. I just wanted to share this gem with you. If your mind needs soothing, maybe try this one. It’s based heavily on christian beliefs and wording, however, I really feel it’s a soothing read for anyone of any nationality and/or religion.

Gotto go. A old friend is calling my name ?

Your Positive Thinking Friend,