Day 2: First Day Back

First day back after Christmas holidays was today. What a day. I always feel mixed emotions after the holidays. I love working, however, holidays are Soul Food and I no longer feel guilty for taking them. I use to fall into that “I don’t need holidays trap” and wear my “workaholic tendencies like a badge of honor. Not no more and I haven’t been that way for a while. I am now wise enough, and been to enough rodeos, to know how essential holidays are for physical health, mental health, personal happiness and for quality family time. Especially when you are also married to a farmer. So all that being said, when holidays end I feel that remorse until I get in the door and right back at it. Then I am right back where I left off, however, there is no doubt that I am a happier and healthy version of myself.

2019 here we come…

Till tomorrow everyone,