Going To Town…

‪“Going to town on Saturdays” I loved it as a kid when we visited my grandparents on the farm. Every Saturday we woke up excited that we got to spend our allowance on candy. Those were the days weren’t they? Now as an adult, I cannot stomach all the candy, however “going to town” is still one of my favourites parts of the week AND of living in a small farming community.

I just did my groceries at the family owned grocery store that still boxes and carries your groceries to your vehicle for you. I could easily do it in the city any day after work but I don’t. WAY less people, reasonable prices, boxed and carried to my truck and supporting local. What’s not to love?

I bought my favourite magazine The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drummond from the drugstore that started carrying it for me after I asked about it. Ree is definately bringing the holiday love in this issue 🙌🏻🎄📖

Then lunch at Eva’s where she was placing my order before I even had my coat off. Large poutine and water right Tracy? 😍🍟

Some may wonder how I actually enjoy living in the “boon docks” Well….Over the top (small town) customer service, connection and community. Those are just a few of my answers. I ❤️ country life! Comment if you agree!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Tracy Mae

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