Day 6: Cut Flower Obsession

Have you ever heard of cut flowers? Of course you have, however, have you ever heard of, thought of and followed any cut flower growers? Well hold on, this is brand new to me also. In a previous post,  I mentioned a Twitter post from Nurse Loves Farmer and that she massively inspired me in two areas 1) Post a day for 365 days 2) Cut flower gardening.

So yes, I am really obvious with cut flower gardening right now. Sarah, if you ever read my blog…thank you! Secondly, I am inspired by you so please don’t think I am creeping on you ?.

Growing up, my mom was and still is, an amazing gardener. Hands down she has the most beautiful yards and flowers of anyone that I know. While I wouldn’t say she’s a cut flower gardener, she definitely does cut some flowers for beautiful bouquets. I always liked flowrr gardening but I never caught the bug until two summers ago. I have always done a handful of pots and that more than satisfied my flower planting urges. Then two summers ago for our wedding, I went WAY above and beyond my normal planting and actually became a gardener. Let’s clarify, I still don’t plant a vegetable garden. For me, it’s not an interest right now. I am extremely busy and I feel it’s just easier/more logical for us to buy our veggies. Plain and simple, I am not interested. I don’t fall into that because I am a woman who lives on a farm, I need to grow all my vegetables trap. Nope. That is just simply silly. I never believe that anyone needs to “conform” and do something because of xyz reasons. “YOU DO YOU” is one of my favorite sayings.

That being said, when I say that I have become a gardener, I went from 5 or 6 posts each year to 20 or so and 2 small flower beds. I am no Erin Benzakein from Floret Flower (see post video), however, this was still a massive jump for me and my busy life schedule.

Now because of Nurse Loves Farmer and her posts, I am just so obsessed with the idea of a cut flower garden. Today I actually chilled. It’s actually a great feeling. I am well rested from the holidays and have not started my hectic travel schedule so I am feeling pretty zen. I re-read Sarah’s post about how to grow a cut flower garden and reviewed the flower varieties she likes, her tips and the companies and people she follows. I even signed up to receive a free Vesey’s & T&T Seeds catalog and started following all her favorites on social media.

It’s just amazing the beautiful pictures you see and the things you learn once you start following these social accounts. There are some massively talented gardeners with stunning flowers!

It’s January 6th so I have a bit of time left,  however, it’s really nice to browse catalogs, look at beautiful pictures and plan my own garden over these dreary and cold winter Manitoba winter days. Between calving season which is quickly approaching and my new interest in flower gardening, time is going to fly.

I am not sure if I am going to actually order from these companies or just buy from my local greenhouses and garden stores. We will see. Because I requested a catalog, and I know the cost to generate them, I will likely order at least one thing from each company to help them recoup that cost at least. I hate to share this…my problem with catalogs is that it takes soooooo long. I am such a now person. I would rather decide on something today and then get it the next time that I am in the city instead of order and pay online and then wait and wait. I would rather have the bulbs sitting in my house while I wait. I know…I have definitely become such a now person.

All that being said, I am excited to garden this summer. What are your favourite flowers that you plant each year? I would live to know. Drop a note in the comments.

Your cut flower lovin friend,