Day 4: Judgement Detox

Judgement Detox. Wait! Whoa! What? That was exactly what I said the first time I saw Gabby’s new book. Sorry Gabby. I am absolutely a FAN of you and your work and I have read several of your books. I just didn’t think I had a judging problem. It’s not like I am all “look at her shoes” or “omg she wore that”. That is soooooo high school and definitely not me, so I passed on the book around the time that she launched it thinking that I didn’t need it. “I don’t have a judging problem” is exactly what I thought.

Then the other day, I actually spent some time scrolling through Instagram. Lately, I have been a post and run kind of social media person and have not spent much time actually consuming social media content. I ended up landing on someone who interviewed x person, I clicked on them and they had a picture of them and Gabby. I started scrolling through Gabby’s feed and realized that she had been pregnant and had actually just had her baby. Yeah Gabby!!!! Congrats!!! She has been very open with her conception journey and it’s taken a while. I am so happy for her, her husband and her little baby boy Oliver.

Anyways I digress. Back to my story. I started scrolling through Gabby’s Instagram posts and came upon an article that she wrote about Resistance. Wow did it ever strike a cord!!! Not only that, it seemed like Divine timing.

Can you relate? Your struggling with something, problem/challenge/somewhere you need to grow, and you don’t know where to find the answer. Then in a miraculous instant (or a touch longer ?) the answer falls right into your proverbial lap. The answer might come in the form of a podcast, book or article that you “stumble” upon. I say “stumble” in quotes because I fully believe there is never any stumbling involved. Just the same…the result, the answer you needed and it’s arrival, is as miraculous as the seven wonders of the World.
Have you ever had that happen? Well, my answer came via an article. I love Gabby, however, I have been soaking up the knowledge from different brilliant minds lately. As you can tell. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. So the fact that I “stumbled” upon her through a series of different Instagram accounts, and rarely have the time consume social content, reassures me that I am still divinely guided ?

I read Gabby’s article and it was all about resistance and judgment. As I read, I realized there many types of judgments including self-judgment which is the most detrimental of all types. Being an achiever and improvement seeker, I know that self-judgement can definitely become an issue if not monitored. We always tend to be our own biggest critic.

This article was a game changer. As I read it, I realized that I did judge and my judgment and resistance in life are probably my two biggest stumbling blocks right now. Self-judging and Resistance (control). They always say swim with the tide as it’s less resistance. In other words, go with the flow. Heck, I always try to change the tide…Tracy style. Control and grit are necessary traits for success in life. I personally credit both of those traits for much of my success in life, however, too much control and judging block flow/love and this blocks all good things in life. In can also make you miserable and feel like you are always chasing your tail.

It resonated so well that I immediately bought her book on Amazon. I am reading it in the evenings before I go to bed. I will keep you posted on what I learn in future blog posts. Welcome back into my life Gabby!

In case this article might also be your gentle nudge or answer to your current challenge, I figured that I should share it and let the gift of this article keep on giving.

Here is the link for the article here. Happy reading my friends!

Bless you, ? Gabby Bernstein and bless your new baby boy. May you live in the abundance and joy that you so generously help others to find ?

Your self help loving friend,