Now & The Long Game

‪#MotivationMonday I am a now person 🙋🏼‍♀️ Are you? There is no time like yesterday to have something done/achieved right? I often get wrapped up in trying to do it all now and I forget that life is a LONG game. This is so easy to do in our fast paced and hectic World that we live in. We are a now culture. Bigger, better and more. We have easy access to everything in comparison to the generations before us. Vehicles, fast food, movies/music on demand, and cellphones to call/text. We can see what anyone we know is up to by opening an app on our phone. We can jump on a plane and be around the World in no time flat. There is not much we need to wait for anymore. Even if you are disciplined or thoughtful, it’s hard not to jump onto the now train.

Such short term thinking can be dangerous though. Especially when it comes to business. Because of our obsession with now, we often put unrealistic goals, expectations, and pressures on ourselves don’t we?

In business and farming we tend to expect everything to go perfectly at all times. We forget that there will always be good & bad seasons. No matter how good of a business owner or farmer you are. There are always bumps along the way. No matter what we are doing correctly, outside variables can put a wrench in our plans. Weather, trade issues, break downs, changing technology and on and on. Can you say #harvest2019?

Remember…if you are not where you want to be, don’t forget that this moment, season or year is literally a blip on the radar of life. Don’t get stuck in now thinking. Now puts a lot of pressure on us. Let’s question the status quo and our goals, give ourselves some Grace, take a deep breath and remember that we have plenty of time. If we are alive and healthy that is all that matters, because when it’s all said and done, we get to try all over again with the next seasons and years.

Did I just say all that 🙊

p.s. For anyone that knows me, they will fall over backwards reading this. I am a dreamer and an achiever and the words above are so unlike me. But I am so feeling it.

#yougotthis #plentyoftime #lifeisalonggame