Day 3: Slipped Already

Islipped on my 365 day posting challenge already. I am going to post this for the correct day, however, honesty is the most important thing to me so I must confess. This post is done a day late. Today, January 4th I will be posting twice.

There is never a truly valid excuse, however, in my defense, I was ill, ill and even iller. This is the second time I have had this strange out of nowhere sickness that feels like what I would imagine food poisoning to be. Strange indeed. Anyways, I am alive and getting ready to start my workday.

This was completely out of the blue and unexpected but I am going to use this as an opportunity to access my schedule and where I am going to put this activity in my day. What I do know from establishing what I would proudly call “very strong discipline”, is that if it’s not prepared for or scheduled into the day, it’s bound to fail. As they say…

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail.”

That is the truth through and through. With that being said, I have been doing this late and night when I was tired, least inspired and in the highest position to forget about it or try to get out of it. Similar to why exercising every morning is a must for me. Personally, if I waited for the evenings, when I have more time like I tried so many times I would not have an established exercise routine.

If I would like to succeed at this challenge, this needs to change. Mornings? Not my best time and I am way too hardcore into work mode in the mornings. My time before my day is spent prepping for a successful work day. I CANNOT interrupt that routine. Lunch. Hit and miss? Because I work till it’s a good time to break my work pattern, not ideal. End of the day? Very likely. Right after supper? Probably a great time. I will experiment between those two times and find a winner. I do LOVE this daily blogging though. Exactly like journaling. I love writing. Above and beyond that, there is something therapeutic and enlighting about getting your thoughts down on paper. I feel better and very similar to that great conversation with a friend concept. I also learn and formulate my thoughts and ideas 100 times better by putting them on paper. That must be my visual tendencies shining through again.

Anyways, I better run. I have to go conquer the World 🙂

Your blogging friend,