Day 1: Hello 2019!

Happy New Year Everyone. It’s January 1st, 2019. Another year has gone by. I just finished up my post “Goodbye 2018” where I took the time to review, reflect and appreciate the year gone by. I will have a 2019 goals post coming soon, however, I wanted to make my first post of 2019 before I head outside for a cross-country ski to savor the last half of my final vacation day. Back to work tomorrow.

So first off, I wanted to share “The Rancher’s Blessing” for the New Year. I really enjoyed it and I hope you will as well.

A Rancher’s Blessing

May your life find true value and meaning
of things worth far more than mere coins,
of fresh air, green grass, happy critters,
and loved ones with whom your life joins.

May your work be an honest day’s challenge
that lets you sleep sound every night.
May the wind blowing free through your mind
lift you up every day to new height.

May your time not be always bound harshly
by somebody else’s time clock.
May your heart know the feeling of free,
as the high-soaring, whistling, night hawk.

May your dreams and goals be so precious
they’re worth risking your whole life and more.
And all the hard work you’ve put in them
will never become a dull chore.

May your hands show the fruits of your labor.
May you know yourself deep down inside,
so when you come to the end of your time,
you can say: ’twas a heck of a ride!

This blessing really stoke a cord with me so I had to share it. I hope you enjoy it.

The second thing that I wanted to share in today’s post is to announce my post a day for 365-days challenge. I have challenged myself to make a post a day for 2019. As always, I am intentional and have a plan. This is not just about posting daily. My five main goals for this activity are; reflection, gratitude, accountability, social activity and documentation.

I am confident that posting daily will cover goals #1 & #2 on my list by helping me to reflect and appreciate what I have. My futurist and achiever (Read Strength Finders 2.0 to find your top five strengths) tendencies create a very bad habit of living in the future and forgetting to appreciate the present. By posting daily, I would like to use this as my intentional pause in my day to reflect and appreciate.

The third goal is another big area of growth for 2019. More to come on that in another post. For now, though, it’s safe to say that I am challenging myself to live my best life in 2019 and onwards. Most importantly, in all areas of my life and not just hustle. I have always been very self-accountable, however, I think there is something to be said about empty website categories needing posts in them and pages needing content. When I first created this website it was only going to be the three main categories that you find on my homepage; Life, Farming and Hustle. They are still my main categories, however, I also immediately created categories for decor, food, fashion, and travel. By having these categories, it is my sneaking suspicion that I will feel the pressure to create content for the areas. Content needs subject material to write about..experiences. Experiences lead to a good life. Therefor, adding these categories should lead to me living my best life in 2019.

My fourth goal is to generate social media content with these posts. Will every day’s post make it social media. No, I don’t think so. Maybe down the line. For now, this challenge is pretty much 80% for me. I will share the good ones that are relevant especially on these days where I need additional social content.

My fifth goal is documentation. Gary Vaynerchuk says many brilliant things and one of them is that everyone should be blogging and documenting their life. He says imagine, maybe one day your great grandchildren will be reading your blog and watching videos of you. They likely will not have known you, however, with your blog they can completely get to know you. He wishes his great-grandfather had done this. What a cool concept. Whether or not I have great-grandchildren and whether or not this blog is still sitting somewhere accessible someday remains to be seen. In the meantime, I am blessed with a pretty amazing life and I want to document it even if it’s only for me. Kind of loops back to #1…gratitude.

Before I end this post, I absolutely must give a shout out to Nurse Loves Farmer who gave me the inspiration for this challenge. I have known about her for a long time and followed her for a long time as well, however, I rarely see her posts. One day over my holidays, I thankfully came across one of her posts. I read it, clicked on her profile and then realized that she was posting every day. The next part sounds creeper-like, it’s not that way I promise. I ended up scrolling through over half a year of her life. What a great gal with a neat life. Loved it. She posts about the farm, her kids, successes, and challenges and I am in love with her cut flower gardening. Not only has she inspired this challenge, however, I also plan to grow a cut flower garden this year. I had already had the idea for this long overdue blog, with divine timing, I came across her post and 365-day posting concept and it all came together just perfectly.  I hope that I one day get the opportunity to meet her and thank her.

So there you have it. New Years greetings, a blessing, my challenge, and the inspiration, and the first post of my 365-day post challenge. Day 1 check 🙂

Chat soon everyone!