Day 23: I ❤️ Agriculture

I love agriculture. I really do. I guess I feel that way in part because I am a farmer. Or maybe because both my parents grew up on a farm and my maternal grandparents and their farm had such an impact on my life while I was growing up. Both good reasons! However, I think it likely has more to do with the fact that farmers are such salt of the earth people (translate to good and honest people). I know not all farmers are good or honest, however, there is just a down to earthness in farmers that you don’t find in any other industry.

Does it come from working the land and animals? Maybe it comes from being outside in mother nature versus pounding the pavement. More likely, it is because many farmers still belong to a strong community whereas the city dweller has lost that connection?

Maybe I am way off! Am I being romantic? Maybe a touch, however, I don’t think I am entirely off. I deal with people from all walks of life and farmers definately are very different than people from other walks of life that I deal with. There is truth to that!

That being said, I have enjoyed two days at the Ag Days show interviewing new show guests, randomly chatting with farmers and running into long time industry colleagues.

The feedback that I have been getting about the show is amazing. People are noticing, listening and complimenting me. It’s been great! I do believe that we are onto something.

Feeling good, tired and accomplished! I am off to bed!

Your trade show loving friend,