Day 18: First Seed Catalogue

Guess what just arrived? Well, I guess you seen the picture already so surprise is out. Just received my first of two catalogues that I ordered. Gardener’s xmas list planning!

Something about getting my first seed catalogue EVER is making me feel all grown up. I remember seeing these catalogues on my mom and grandma’s kitchen tables. Every once in a while as a young girl, I would grab them and look through them. Found memories!

Saying that, I just flashed back to one of those times. I do believe that I was picking trees out for my ranch that I woukd have when I got older. Now look at me, ranch and all. Oh the innonence of youth ?

Well I must go. Exhausted and might get to bed before 10:00 pm for once.

I look forward to browsing my catalogue tomorrow when I am refreshed.

Your ? loving friend,