Day 76: Calm

What a great weekend. More and more with each passing day, my resolve and my faith both get stronger. My patience..well that depends on the situation.

Everything always works out. Always has and always will. We have a great team now and I hope we can finally get to a consistent and steady point with mat leaves done for a bit and people not right for roles gone. BUT life is life and things will happen. It will be a-ok. The only constant in life is change. Even better….

With every problem, there is an equal or greater seed of opportunity. I know that. If people leave, it’s tough..really tough, but it will never be the end of the World again. Never and this makes me calm again.

I have some great A players that have huge opportunity with a boss that likes to see people do well, however, they need to work hard for it. Work really hard for it. Nothing is given on a silver platter in life and especially before it is earned.

I am excited to see what the future holds for the company, our team and myself. Big things are happening…I feel it in my bones. My bones never lie. They feel success coming like an arthritic person feels the rain headed their way.

Your Calm. Grateful. Faithful. Friend,