Day 115: Soup For The Soul & Done

Today was business travel day. I had a beautiful three hour drive each way through some of Manitoba’s countryside that I love best. At my destination, I recorded three podcasts with an amazing guest right in her home. Excited to bring these episodes to our audience

You know me though. Two of my favourite things to do are driving and driving while listening to audio. Listened to some AMAZING podcasts and started a game changing books 🙌 Learned some amazing new ideas about the mind, managing people and creating business profit.

The drive there was chicken soup for my soul and mind with some amazing listens about the power of the sub conscious mind. Getting my mental game fine tuned. The drive home was laughter, nears tears of relief and a strong reaffirming that I am on the right. My thinking is right and the fact that was no longer buying this “new way” of management….turns out that is a-ok. I am a thinker in a follower World. What gets me is how didn’t I see it sooner? Everything is that way. Is it because all the big companies are doing it? Yep. Is it because all the books are written by observers, with armloads of theory and no practical experience? Yep. What a load of manure! I am so happy I found a thinker now. OMG…how many more years or decades would I have gone with the cradle management practices 🙈

When will I stop giving anyone undue credit and stop thinking they know something? I will not even start the list. Just 🙈🙈🙈

Done. Just done.

Where will this lead? Stay tuned to find out….

Your throughly fed up Friend,